• No pussyfootin’

    I wont sugar coat it. Track is soft. One more day of coaxing and it will be perfect again. I did renew the corduroy up Trickster and down skiers right of sourdough. FWIW.

  • All persuasion, no brutality

    Real Groomers of SEAK episode 7. Visit with Reality TV Star Steve Box from ‘Building Alaska’ . The groomer hit the upper loop with the roller today and just about has the loop sorted. A…

  • It ain’t over yet!

    Went up to EC this a.m. for one last ceremonial skate ski this season and was very pleasantly surprised that the creek side of the Forest Loop and all of Guy’s Loop was totally skiable!…

  • Lower Loop 4/9/17

    Lower Loop groomed at 0830. Hard base and nicely tilled surface. As sun warmed it it started to soften up but still nice skiing. Inner lower loop not set. Classic groove looks good. A water…

  • Eaglecrest Sunday

    Lower loop was mostly groomed Sunday. The inner loop wasn’t. Conditions were a little soft.
    Upper loop was great and more firm. It was snowing hard 2PM.

  • skier

    Have you filled out an survey? Please go to Eaglecrest website or follow this link: http://www.skijuneau.com/survey2017.php It really is important for them to understand their user base needs and likes. Your thoughts matter!

  • Lower Loop Update

    Hi Everyone, A quick update on the lower loop. The wet weather we have gotten over the past couple of days has been starting to show on the lower loop, today it was reported by…

Trail Etiquette

  • Walkers / Snowshoers, walk to the far sides of the trails when possible.
  • Dog Owners, control your dogs and pick up the scat. Please, no dogs or walkers on the groomed trails at Eaglecrest.  Please use the dog loop.
  • Skiing the loop trails- It’s common to ski the loop trails in either direction.  Just watch for oncoming skiers and give right of way to the skier zooming downhill.
  • Show courtesy for all and share the trails.