Hot news on the cool tracks.
See what’s been groomed, what the snow’s like and where it’s worth heading before you make the long drive.

The trails are set by volunteers and please feel free to contribute to the Juneau Nordic Ski club if you are a user of the trails.

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  1. KEN CALLED FROM EAGLECREST at 11:00 AM. The Upper and the Lower Loops are groomed, the lower expected to be quite soft by afternoon. The Upper Loop is firm and quite good for classic and skate and will be softening in the afternoon. The Access Trail from Lower to Upper Loop is hard and rutted, OK for climbing but not recommended for descending.

  2. Lower loop 9 a.m.: Hard, frozen corduroy, and fast, hard classic. Recommend waiting 1-2 hours for softening. However, skate skiing off-trail throughout the meadows is perfect now. Upper loop also freshly groomed — on my way to check it out.

    • Yes, agreed! Winter fun is winding down, appreciate all the efforts of the groomers for volunteering their time to make it the best winter ever! Thank you!

  3. Also done grooming Eagle Beach until next season. It was the best year yet there and hope to have better equipment next year for improved skiing.

  4. Mendenhall Camp Ground: We have stopped grooming at the camp ground until next year. There are two bare spots if you go clockwise. Counter clockwise you can ski the two back loops and back. There are icy spots and some soft snow places. We will keep grooming Montana Creek while there is still snow there.

  5. The Good News: some blue sky holes overhead at Eaglecrest, at 8 am!!
    Bad news: it basioally rained all night.. Lower Loop IS groomed (except for the Inner Meadow loop, where there is shin-deep water), but there is extensive puddling, across the trail in many places. Snow near road is gray with dirt and snow, but hey- it’s SNOW! And the Upper Loop groomed up nice. So as it says on the Eaglecrest web site, come do a wet warm-up lap down below and then head up.

  6. Noon at Eaglecrest; snowing lightly, a little sun poking through; classic and skate lanes firm with soft top; very nice spring skiing on the Lower Loop.

  7. Eaglecrest at 8 am: snowing all the way down the road; 34 degrees so snow becomes sticky on trail. Lower Loop just groomed, so no new snow yet; track is firm now but softening. Upper was groomed as well and has some new snow on it; might be better for ski touring than skate. Road is slick so drive carefully!

  8. 1 pm Lower Loop up-date: 41 degrees, mostly cloudy, no wind or precip. Snow is getting soft but still firm enough for good skate or classic. Some gray windblow dust on trail near the road; Fish Creek and Forest trail segments are clean. We are expecting mixed snow and rain this weekend and will keep you up-dated on what we see.

  9. Lake surface was slushy this afternoon, much wetter surface than Weds. Just nice to be out skate skiing in the sun but fear it’s near the end.

  10. Classic set in Camp Ground this afternoon. Most of it looks OK. In a couple of days we will not be able to go clear around the trail. Will see how it is doing the two loops and coming back to the start. The Glacier view bridge and a place further along are about bare.

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