Fun fun fun! Events to come.

Have you noticed or participated in the fun ski events this season?

Though some of the events have passed, there’s more fun upcoming! Check out the remaining events:

February 6: Women’s Master Ski 3. Location TBD. Free to JNSC members.

February 8: Skiathlon (ski half the course classic, half the course skate style). Location TBD.

February 16: Ski s’more for strudel, Skater’s Cabin, 1-4 p.m. Free.

February 23: Waxing fundraiser 3, 3-5 p.m., Foggy Mountain Shop. Reduced cost for JNSC members.

March 1: Ski for Cold! Juneau Nordic Ski Team (JNST) Fundraiser.

March 7: Buckwheat Ski Classic-White Pass, Y.T., CA. A must do, just for the bbq!

March 15: Border 2 Border-ski all the groomed trails in one day in Juneau. Free.

The JNSC is always looking for event volunteers to help. If you do have time and interest in helping with an event drop a note to info(at) email.

If you don’t have time to help make an event happen there are several other opportunities to contribute: by joining at JNSKI.ORG and by contributing to the Juneau Community Foundation Fund for JNSC at

Always check the JNSKI.Org website and/or the FaceBook page for the most up to date information on event location and time.