Mendenhall Campground groomed

I rolled and groomed Mendenhall and it went from about 6 fresh inches to 1 1/2 inches groomed. So there’s enough to classic without tracks set (too Shallow) and skating at least for the early part of the day. No one was out there skating by the time I left at 9. Classic skiers there were satisfied. Not much depth to push off with for skaters but should last until the rain deteriorates it later today.

Skate skiing up Eaglecrest road

Eaglecrest packed the road on the east side and it is possible to skate ski up to the bowl below the top of the Black Bear chair. Smoothest path yesterday was to head up Sourdough from the bottom of the Ptarmigan chair, then get on the road about halfway up and follow road the rest of the way. Good crust cruising off the road along the way. Be smart and watch for machinery going up and down the mountain and snowmaking on the lower runs!