Groomers On Fleek

Lake and Campground were double or tripleteamed in an MMF style attack. Result near perfect conditions as the team beat back the washboard with a long slow groove and added milage with a Visitor Center loop. The VC loop was designed to attract only the best people, so let us know if undesireables are pulling brodies and leaving beer cans and dirty diapers on that side.

Border to Border committee member

THANKS TO THE CLUB, Eagle Beach state park, Dave/Eaglecrest and all our overtime and amazing groomers for getting all nordic areas in Juneau ready for our Border to Border event. Ski one or ski all and enjoy one another- that’s the hope; another is that you enjoy the provided pickles! Please grab a friend and start at the Pioneer rd at 8, or EC at 930 or campground/lake at noon and we will all meet at Eagle Beach State Park for a 5-7 potluck. This is it! – the only event of it’s kind in the Nation. All highly coveted and participatory B2B bibbs created by the Juneau Nordic Ski Team