Eaglecrest 10 am Monday 1/14

1. Lower parking lot is not being regularly plowed. Do not park there unless you have a high clearance 4 x 4 truck. An SUV is iffy. I think a Subaru will get stuck because of low clearance. I got stuck in my car. The pull out just down the road from the lower parking lot is cleared and sanded, so either park there or park all the way up by the lodge, as the only easy access other than the lower parking lot trail was to walk down the road to the maintenance garage below the lodge and start at the little hut where the lower cross country trail starts.
2. Corn snow is good for classic. The track is set to the extreme outer edge of the groomed trail so the bigger the basket the better on your poles, else your outside pole will sink 8 inches before it finds firm ground.
3. There is a culvert out about half way on the stretch of trail that runs along the road. It’s a narrow running creek to cross but take time as if you go in the creek, I think you’ll be up to your thighs.