Monday, April 30 – Groomed 7:30am

An emotional morning–last day of grooming and last day of skate skiing. Skiing was still fairly good with the snow surprisingly firm, but a few bare spots are emerging. Rock skis would be a good choice now. The bridge has only broken ice patches so skiing starts across the bridge–there’s a small bald spot at the top of the first incline. Enjoy, see you on the trails next season!

Sunday April 29 Grooming complete @ 8am

Groomed for skate which is still ok. Classic is gone in places but good and fast in other spots. More ice and some bare spots starting to peak through. Thanks to the folks that shoveled snow at the at the slide area!
Tomorrow, Monday, will be the final day of grooming for the season. It will be groomed earlier that it has been lately–check in tomorrow am to find out grooming time.