This afternoon at 3pm:Shovelers needed to keep Lower Loop grooming possible.

With the grooming happening on Lower Loop some bare spots have occurred. Dave Scanlon, Eaglecrest manager, has asked if we can find some JNSC volunteers to shovel snow on three or more bare spots on the lower loop. I will meet volunteers at 3 PM this afternoon at the lower loop parking lot and it shouldn’t take more than a hour or two depending
on how many volunteer. I will bring some shovels but bring one if you can. Combine it with a few laps! Thanks, Fred

Artisanal groomery

Who says JNSC doesn’t cater to it’s membership? Grooming recomenced at 4pm for the working stiffs who havn’t managed to retire yet. The Iris Neary loop, on the other side of the road got a refresher as well. By 5 it was alternately mushy in the sun and frozen hard in the dark with lovely stretches of perfect corduroy in between. If you haven’t chipped in this year, it’s not too late. Kick Monkey.