Upper Loop is skiable with classic skis

I confirmed yesterday’s report by skiing to the upper loop this morning. You can ski up the road all the way from the lodge – watch for some gravel in spots. Once you are below the Black Bear chair you can follow skier set tracks around parts of the upper loop and even back on the Troy Loop. A few slightly tricky creek crossings can be managed. It’s better than not skiing and the views are incredible. Use caution skiing down as it’s harder to see the rocks. I took my skis off in a few spots as I didn’t want to gouge my bases.

Montana Ck. groomed and ready for skate and classic Fri. AM

You need to walk down to the bottom of the first hill past the grooming machines to start skiing. Earlier is better today as its warm and windy. I felt like I was a street cleaner instead of a groomer this morning with all the needles and branches on the trail. But it cleaned up fine and I reset both tracks. Skate firmer than classic but you CAN ski so get there and do a lap or two.