Eaglecrest lower loop almost 100% ready

Eaglecrest lower loop has good snow coverage on every inch of the trail. The groomers have been going out and packing the snow regularly, but so far have not set a classic track. If you get on the trail after they have groomed then it’s probably good skate skiing. Classic skiing is decent if you don’t mind not having a set track. There is only one section not packed – coming back from the meadow loop clockwise and dropping down the steep forest loop hill, but someone snowshoed it and then I classic skied it today so it’s starting to shape up. PLEASE take your dogs to one of the many, many trails that are multi-use (campground, Montana Creek, Eagle Beach, Herbert River, Spaulding, Lake Creek, etc.) Footprints of any kind on the new soft snow leave holes. Human or canine, if you’re not on skis or snowshoes you are not helping. Looking forward to opening day next Saturday!