Mendenhall Campground ok for classic skiing

Classic skiing at the campground is not too bad. Skate skiing is only for those who can ride a flat ski – overedging will dig straight through to pavement. Looks like the amazing JNSC volunteer grooming crew was getting equipment in place so we may see the soft snow rolled out soon. Rumor has it that grooming equipment is also being put in place at Montana Creek. Be sure to check out the new connector trail that leads from the new parking area across from Skaters Cabin to the West Glacier trailhead parking lot. It’s happening!

Real Groomers of SEAK Episode 7

Ever Since Scott Fischer hung up his spurs, the title of Number One Groomer has been up for grabs. John Staub made a lunge at it with a 5am start on the upper loop. Conditions conspired against him , (snow too soft), to take the title easily, but it was a yeoman’s effort. Quality control found a few tread break throughs, and some uneven work, but a few stretches of really nice corduroy and so his grade is average. He rates it good for ‘Pioneer Skiers’.