It ain’t over yet!

Went up to EC this a.m. for one last ceremonial skate ski this season and was very pleasantly surprised that the creek side of the Forest Loop and all of Guy’s Loop was totally skiable! A little bumpy and uneven, but pretty hard and fast. There was 1 patch at the bottom of one of the big hills on the forest loop I that was turning bare and gravelly, but could still ski around it. The warming around 8 gave some bite, and it was starting to get too soft by 9:20, when I left. It was 43F at 0800. f you need one last fix, now is the time! I imagine we have a few days left. The snow on the mountain looked solid, which makes the upper loop may be doable too. Anybody been up there recently? Either way, what a great season and thanks a ton to all the groomers!

Pisten Bully groomed lower loop today 4\12

Thanks to Nate for an early morning grooming on the lower loop. Beyond the call of duty. The loop has been freezing at night and melting and softening in the morning around 9 to 930. Lots of glide when it’s frozen and a bit slower when it’s softens up. Not perfect, but skatable. We are working hard to start JNSC grooming at Eaglecrest starting with the lower loop, hopefully, this week. Will keep you posted.