Ginzu Good!

The Eagle Beach campground got its first ginzu grooming today! Thanks to Stone Guy for arranging with Del and Don to borrow the Nordic Club back-up Skidoo. Thanks also to Don for hauling it out there. Stone Guy and I got it groomed and tracked, it will take a couple of times to get it really smooth. There is more snow out there than in the valley, its good and should be getting better.

Dan Moller – a little history and correct spelling

During the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC’s) era in the 1930’s, the U.S. Forest Service supervised CCC labor to construct the first two cabins at 1st and 2nd Meadows. The construction foreman was Dan Moller. At this same time, the Dan Moller Trail was being constructed, followed by the upper cabin in the location that would eventually become the Douglas Ski Bowl. The upper cabin, or Dan Moller Cabin was also known as 3rd Cabin by the locals.