In our ceaseless efforts to improve grooming we recruited Cory K from the Treadwell Ice Arena. Yes, he is one of the Zamboni drivers. So if you liked his work today it is all him. If you have complaints, it was probably his trainer Sedgesprite. Don’t worry, Cory K will be on his own giving it that fine attention to detail here on out. Track was rolled and set. A little soft in the skate lane but the new classic looked good. Warming temps kept us off the lake ice. Mixed rain and snow.

Lots of new snow at Eagle

Snow was too deep and heavy for the ginzu. I rolled the track and set classic tracks. Great conditions for classic! Coverage is excellent. Skate track is lumpy and soft, but at least it is packed. We need the snow to set up for ginzu grooming.. Lots of foot traffic going to the sledding hill, track will be chewed up in that area, but hey, the kids are having fun. I set the track behind Methodist Camp, with a bonus loop out in the pine muskeg at the north end. Be aware there is a bridge out on the trail back there that you have to work around.