Eagle Beach groomed 12/18

The fresh wet snow at Eagle Beach was rolled and packed Sunday afternoon. The few skiers that made it out there had a good day.

Word to the wise: it is always better conditions at EB than what you see out you front window. It’s colder and drier there. Rain and wind in the Valley is usually light mist and brighter light out the road.

There is currently no classic track set (this groomer ran out of time..), but skate was wet-snow good and coverage is good too.

Lower loop groomed – snow falling fast!

Eaglecrest groomed the lower loop for skate and classic this morning, but the snow was falling so thick and fast that by noon it was almost buried. But it is still skiable. What a nice problem to have – too much snow! The new snow is a bit sticky, so Maxiglide is recommended for waxless skis and good glide wax for skate skis. Swix violet glide would have been good today. KIck wax wax touch and go, ranging from Swix blue extra (a little too slick) and Swix purple (a little too grabby). Who knows what tomorrow will bring?