Dan Moller Valley

Velvety conditions up in the Dan Moller valley. Started waking at the lower lot on Pioneer. Once out of the trees skied over to the meadow north of the boardwalk, still below the Treadwell. The sticks in the trail bottom leading to the north meadow are tricky, got hung up coming back and will walk through till more snow comes. Up in the valley all the side meadows had wonderful skiing a little grass low, perfect higher and still below the steeper section as you approach third cabin. I had to walk the narrows and tried skiing down part way looking for rock mounds. Probably good to walk. It is a real treat to have quiet up in the valley. Has anyone had luck posting photos?

Porcupine chair offers good Nordic skiing

Porcupine Chair will again be open this weekend Feb. 27-28, and the Muskeg run provides a really fun way to interval train– just skate or classic ski uphill, then turn around and ski down the gentle hill, then do it again. And again. And… then go inside and get great coffee and treats from Mountain Lift Coffee, or try the superb homemade soup at the Grill. Expecting sun, good snow, and a great alpine vibe. No Nordic pass required. No whining about lack of snow allowed. Just come up and ski some laps!!