Mini Upper Loop groomed- use caution getting up there

We groomed the mini upper loop on Friday night. It took a lot of groomer time to repair rain damage so we didn’t get a chance to track set. We hope to track set Saturday night. It should be a nice to day to get out. That said the lower mountain is locked up under a hard (very hard) layer. Getting to the upper loop will require something on your feet that has traction, ie ice cleats, snow shoes, etc.

Dan Moller

The Dan Moller valley will be very sweet for one more day even though the machines are there. Parking at the lower Dan Moller lot, hike up out of the woods and and head to the right down into the cut across the creek. Wind up through first meadow; no machines there. I have ski tracked a trail on the right however you can ski anywhere. Joining the snow machine trail at the Treadwell, look for my ski tracks right away to the right diving into the brush where there is a challenging yet fun ski just above the Treadwell and then back up to the boardwalk for a bit and then along climbers right side at wood’s edge to the top of second meadow. I skied up to the pass and back and had good skiing avoiding snow machine tracks. where I could. Coming down, be careful of rocks just above and below the big tree by staying to the side. What was really sweet was diving skiers left just below the big tree and avoiding skiing down the narrow snow machine trail. You come upon a narrow hidden meadow and down through trees that are skiable. At the bottom before rejoining second meadow there was a creek that I tried to step across on skis and really should have removed skis and jumped. Lovely tour options of all lengths.

Lower and Upper Loop options

Lower Loop is skier-packed the entire loop; good for classic but not skate. Meadows also fun to ski tour around.
Upper Loop is actually smooth and ideal for skate skiing now! Or classic without a track. Access is via the road up Sourdough/Sneaky, and you could skate this road if you’re hard core. It gets good for skate skiing at the top of sneaky, over to Blackbear, and then there is a figure 8 double loop that provides about 2 km of really nice skiing.