Montana Creek packed

Scott packed Montana Creek this morning. He could only get the roller to the bottom of the first big hill, not enough space to get it across the bridge. But the trail is machine packed all the way to the end. He was able to just barely get the machine around the mudslide area, so be careful there. Watch for rocks due to the thin snow cover. A 4-wheeler went up the trail last night so it was hard to groom over the ruts. Conditions are rough but skiable for skate and classic. No classic track is set, but many classic skiers have already been on the trail and you can ski in their tracks.


Eagle beach received only 2 more inches of snow this morning. The campground and trails were rolled and packed but no classic track was set. More snow is needed to set the track. The back loop of the campground still has some very thin spots and was not rolled this morning. The main parking lot has been plowed.


Eagle Beach has about 6-8″ of new snow as of Wednesday morning. The main parking lot has been plowed. The campground road and trails were rolled this morning. No classic track was set. The back loop is still pretty thin to ski on. We won’t be rolling the back loop until there is more snow. If we get more snow tonight we will look at setting a classic track in the morning. Enjoy the winter wonderland out there.