Eagle Beach

I rolled and packed the campground this morning. The snow really stuck to the roller, so the surface is clumpy and soft. No good for skating, but okay for classic. Where I set a track, the classic skiing was good and fast. Our Skidoo continues to lug down, even after its third trip back to the dealer to fix it, so I was unable to smooth out the packed surface or set the Methodist Camp loop.

Spaulding Meadows

This evening I hauled my skis up to the John Muir cabin in Spaulding Meadows. Approaching the meadows, what appeared at first to be snow was actually the white air drop gravel bags. I had spikes but did not use them going up. There were some snow fields in the meadows around the cabin so I skied around as it was my first time there. It was a matter of patch hopping, occasionally grass skiing. Walking down with headlight, I put spikes on and could travel faster. A nice outing and certainly not worth hauling skis up. I can say there is a lot more snow up in the Dan Moeller upper meadows especially at cabin height.