Dan Moller

Enjoyed the quiet of the valley sans snow machines again Saturday – starting from the DMoller trailhead on Pioneer, hike the short woods trail till the trees open up where you can put on skis and head right through the connecting trail to the northwest lower meadow. Careful on the trail bottom over the stream and then climb the meadow to the Treadwell. Using fishscales on Madshus Eons I could kick or herring bone to the steeper sections below the cabin. I put on some skins there and worked up to the ridge overlooking Admiralty. I like to head to the lowest part of the ridge west of the cabin and explore the ridge. There were snowsqualls climbing and upon reaching the ridge I was treated to some wonderful sunshine reflecting off Stevens Passage and impressive views of the snowsqualls. The warm rainy weather had sculpted the snow like cumulus clouds and there was a thin powder atop that making pillowy designs. On the ridge some of the snow was very turnable light powder atop a supporting crust. A bit lower, the crust gave way and I had trouble tele-turning resorting to traverses to get down. Once reaching just below cabin level, the meadows north of the cabin were very turnable. Coming through the narrows was wild, and I seemed to forget the mental notes made while ascending, packing snow over some of the rocks. The lower meadows were delightful and so skis stayed on from ridgetop to the last DMoller tree section down to the trailhead.