Mendenhall Lake grooomed for both skate and classic

Mendenhall Lake was rolled and then groomed in a 5K loop for both classic and skate (two lanes wide each) Friday midday and again late last night. Track should be in great shape after an all night set. Groomers will be disappointed and down if skiers are not out there in large numbers during this beautiful, clear and sunny weather! It should warm up for comfortable skiing by late morning! See you out there!

Community Skiathlon!!

The Juneau Nordic Ski Team and Club are hosting a community skiathalon race Saturday, February 9th, at 12PM (noon), Pioneer Road Trail.

A skiathalon is an event where skiers start on classic skis and then transition to skate skis half way through the race. It is loads of fun and a great way to challenge yourself with both techniques. Race distance options will be between 5 and 15 km depending on how much you want to ski. You should show up at least a half hour early, recommended 11:15am, to stage your skis in the transition zone and to tell the organizer you wish to compete 🙂

All are welcome and encouraged to come out and ski for fun or race!

If you’re trying to avoid large crowds then avoid Pioneer Rd skiing between the hours of 11am-1:30pm 😉