Montana Creek good for skate skiing

When Scott found that he couldn’t groom the campground yesterday (Wednesday), he went to Montana Creek and started grooming there. He and Don Thomas were able to get the machine across the bridge despite the low snow cover and groomed the road so that skate skiing is now pretty good. Classic skiing also possible, but the classic track is not very well set (need more snow). It’s still icy at the gate and the very first hill, so he recommends using ice grippers to walk down the first hill a short distance until you can see the groomed section.

Don’t be fooled.

Don was grooming as of 10:00 AM, Monday. Don’t be fooled by conditions at the gate, which is water covered ice, and truck tracks. The snow is holding up fine past the container where the grooming equipment is stored. Spring conditions, very skiable. Bon Apetit.

Groomers, be advised that we adjusted the Ginzu to its lowest static setting on the hitch, in order to get some bite in these low conditions.

Lower Loop is gone

With our recent rain and warm temperatures, most of the lower loop has melted down to muskeg, gravel, or glare ice, so we are done skiing there until we get at least 6-8 inches of fresh snow. If you walk the trail, you will want your ice cleats. OK to walk your dog on the lower loop until we get more snow, but please clean up after them. Think snow!