Spaulding 12/28

Spaulding is in great shape! We headed straight up to the meadows via the Spaulding Trail (not John Muir or the Lake Creek access) both days this weekend. Grippers on boots might help at the top, but the skiing is excellent. Two or three fresh inches on top with a very soft, easy breakable crust that makes for near perfect conditions. While the clear skies hold it should only get better with the developing hoar frost.

Sun 12/28 – Eaglecrest upper loop partly groomed for skate skiing!

Eaglecrest is grooming part of the upper loop for skate skiing! Walk up the road past Ptarmigan chair. You can put on your skate skis and skate up the road at the timing shack a little ways past the bottom of the Ptarmigan chair. Stay on the groomed snow on the road – the coverage is good there. Follow the groomed road up to the base of the Black Bear chair. Nate has tried to groom a skate track on limited terrain behind the BB chair and maybe has about 2 km of groomed track. A few small hazards exist, just some small brush and sticks poking through the limited snow cover, but no rocks. The creek is still open and he cannot connect the track over to the other side. It’s limited and a strenuous hill climb, but it’s a new place to ski and Eaglecrest is trying their best to give us some tracks to ski on, so please be sure to thank them!