Eaglecrest nordic update for the weekend

Upper loop groomed to it’s usual perfection, although the wind is blowing spindrift into the track. Nothing you can do about that. They are making another effort on the lower loop and actually set a good classic track on parts of the hardened trail. The bad news is that where the snowpack is very low the groomed, rolled skate track disappears in an uneven rolling wave of cat tracks and the classic track also disappears, only to miraculously smooth out and reappear a short distance down the trail. They are trying! More snow will help. Keeping boots and dogs off of the trail will also help. Please spread the word – don’t go out on the lower loop unless you have skis on your feet and take your pet somewhere else. Anywhere else, actually – Juneau trails are wide open for all public use EXCEPT for the groomed Eaglecrest trails. It’s pretty simple. Nordic lessons are starting up so call the Eaglecrest Snowsports School for more info – 790-2000