Thurs Nite – Still Good!

Still quite skiable for classic and skate after work. Did not look like it was groomed at all Thursday, but JNSC grooming equipment still on site. Plenty of snow to make it to the weekend. If not touched up tomorrow morning, I would caution skate skiiers that there will be some serious frozen ski ruts. Wait till 2:00 or 3:00 pm. Classic should be good from the get go – probably icy in the morning, but the two-track is well defined. A request to JNSC for a touch up. (Groom it and they will come!)

Oh my Goodness!

Oh my there was goodness to be had this morning! Finished grooming about 9:15 and was skate skiing immediately before the sun got to the snow. Fast and furious. One lady that skied just before me commented that today was her best ski at Montana Creek all season—-and she’s skied 80 times around Juneau this winter—so that ought to tell you something! The trick is to get there early before the sun softens the snow too much–before 10 am.