Eaglecrest upper loop – more groomed trail added

I forgot to mention this morning that Eaglecrest added another section of groomed trail to the upper loop – the connector trail from the meadow that leads under the Mt. Troy access, across the creek (which had been an obstacle) and back to the trail leading to the Troy nordic loop. As we get more snow and continued below freezing temps I am certain they will keep adding to the groomed trails as they can. I skied every inch of the upper loop trail this morning and came up with about 4.5 km. That includes minimal “doubling back” on the trails. Conditions are prime. VR45 kick wax (blue extra). And don’t forget to add in the bonus 1 km climb up and ski (or hike) down!

Eaglecrest Conditiosn

The upper loop is being groomed right now (8:45 AM) for skate and classic! Excellent conditions! If you were up there last night, you would’ve caught an incredible sunset! Access by hiking up the Trickster trail to the Hilda Dam Cabin. Lower trail conditions are not worthwhile. Proceed with caution. Mountain Operations will continue to groom and improve daily as conditions allow. Expect them to be off the trails by 10:00 AM each morning!

Montana Ck. groomed for skate, some classic track high up.

There’s plowed, shallow berm from the gate to the bridge which is wide enough for a classic and skate descent. From the bridge on up to just short of the landslide it is a bare minimum with some rocks in places. Above the slide it gets better and better to the end. So take care getting up to the slide and then ski mostly on that upper 1.5K. With any snow the lower half will improve enough for better skiing.