Montana Ck. groomed for skate, some classic track high up.

There’s plowed, shallow berm from the gate to the bridge which is wide enough for a classic and skate descent. From the bridge on up to just short of the landslide it is a bare minimum with some rocks in places. Above the slide it gets better and better to the end. So take care getting up to the slide and then ski mostly on that upper 1.5K. With any snow the lower half will improve enough for better skiing.

Eaglecrest upper trails have good snow coverage

Eaglecrest upper trails have good snow coverage and thanks to today’s colder temps I am hoping to find they groomed this morning. I plan to be up on the trails early today and will post an update as soon as I can. Even if there is no grooming, it is still fun classic skiing in the soft new snow and on New Year’s Day I cleared a number of hazards lurking along the track. Lower trails need consistent cold temps and more snow before grooming can resume. Coverage is almost non-existent in many places.