Eaglecrest upper trails have good snow coverage

Eaglecrest upper trails have good snow coverage and thanks to today’s colder temps I am hoping to find they groomed this morning. I plan to be up on the trails early today and will post an update as soon as I can. Even if there is no grooming, it is still fun classic skiing in the soft new snow and on New Year’s Day I cleared a number of hazards lurking along the track. Lower trails need consistent cold temps and more snow before grooming can resume. Coverage is almost non-existent in many places.

Montana Ck groomed this morning, Monday, Dec. 30th

Skate track groomed on the upper 1.5K. Walk down from the gate and in, over the bridge and then up the road until the snow thickens just below the main washout, slide area. Bare asphalt in places make the walking good in ski boots. Also a decent classic track along with the skate lane so you can get a decent workout staying on the back end of the trail.

More grooming added to upper loop!

The Eaglecrest groomers were able to groom the hill behind the Black Bear chair last night which added about a km to the overall groomed trails on the upper loop. Conditions were firm and fast this morning with an excellent classic track the entire way. Rough measure of the groomed trails is 4 km with plenty of hills to challenge you! Very fun skiing down into the Troy loop. Use Trickster to hike or ski up.