Montana groomed for both classic and skate this morning.

New snowfall at Montana of 3 – 4″ overnight and still snowing when I left at 10:45AM. I rolled the new snow and then was able to groom for both classic and skate. Classic is a little thin at the top and around the thin (heavily treed areas) on either side of the bridge. Beautiful out there with the river still open and clean white snow everywhere. Might return to groom in mid afternoon especially if the snow keeps up.

Excellent skate and classic on upper loop

Conditions were excellent today on the upper loop and should continue through tomorrow. Wax for cold temps! Blue glide wax and blue kick wax were the colors of the day, although I chose VR45 (blue extra) kick wax for my stiffer Fischer classic skis. There will be no grooming on Tuesday and Wednesday but they should resume on Thursday. Lower loop is skiable if you have a pair of older waxless skis. Snow cover is thin and there is gravel exposed in several places. Watch for unmarked hazards.