Campground and Lake inner loop

Groomed the skate track on the lake inner loop and campground last night (Friday evening). It should be all set up and ready to go for those early birds Saturday morn. Did multiple laps on the lake to “iron” out some of the chatter marks that have been appearing, so it should be in even better shape usual. Nice, flat and corduroyed with zero drifts! Classic tracks looked great so they were not redone on the lake inner loop. The first 1/4-1/3, going counter clockwise, of the campground classic track is in missing in places due to mechanical issues with the setter, but the rest is in good condition. CG

Eaglecrest upper and lower loops groomed daily

Eaglecrest is on it! They are grooming the upper and lower loops daily for skate and classic with the big machines. Wide smooth corduroy skate lane, nicely set classic track. Every inch of the lower loop is groomed, including some sections that have not been set for several years. Treat yourself to true nordic skiing with hills, loops, roundabouts, forest trails and open meadows. Don’t forget to buy a day ticket at the lodge, unless you already have a season pass or alpine pass add-on.

Pioneer Rd

Regroomed yesterday afternoon – only the center skate zone – it was good before I started and looked sweet when I left. It probably will not be regroomed over the next few days (it will still be good especially in the middle of the day) as I want to preserve the snow for the Border to Boarder ski next Saturday (1/9).

Have a great weekend of skiing!