Artisanal groomery

Who says JNSC doesn’t cater to it’s membership? Grooming recomenced at 4pm for the working stiffs who havn’t managed to retire yet. The Iris Neary loop, on the other side of the road got a refresher as well. By 5 it was alternately mushy in the sun and frozen hard in the dark with lovely stretches of perfect corduroy in between. If you haven’t chipped in this year, it’s not too late. Kick Monkey.

Lower loop groomed Friday for skate and classic

Eaglecrest groomed the lower loop for skate and classic again today and it was fantastic. There are bare patches starting to show in a few spots, including one gravel patch. I spoke with management and they are going to do their best to groom it this weekend, but are concerned about wear on the equipment when they run over the bare spots. Another option is to groom the upper loop. If they don’t groom the lower loop again, I’d say the classic track will still be good skiing, and the skate lane will be decent. Either way, it’s a beautiful loop to ski!