Oh my Goodness!

Oh my there was goodness to be had this morning! Finished grooming about 9:15 and was skate skiing immediately before the sun got to the snow. Fast and furious. One lady that skied just before me commented that today was her best ski at Montana Creek all season—-and she’s skied 80 times around Juneau this winter—so that ought to tell you something! The trick is to get there early before the sun softens the snow too much–before 10 am.

Montana Creek finished grooming at Noon Monday

I made 3 trips up the trail this morning. The skate track ended up pretty good–filled in more of the ATV scars that Ray nicely cleaned up yesterday so that now they’re barely noticeable. By the time I was finished, areas in the sun had softened up, whereas shady areas were corny and fast. I reset the classic track but I don’t think there was any improvement–I say it’s only fair. The snow’s cleaner than it was last week! There were several classic and skate skiers there this morning and all had smiles on their faces.
You will need to walk down the first hill before putting on your skis. There’s a little bare ground on the left side to walk so you probably don’t need cleats.
Definitely still some good skiing to be had.
My advice, the early skier gets the best skiing. Check the grooming reports and get out there before the snow softens too much.