Lost mittens

HI all. My friend Rick Bellagh lost his beloved mittens last night after skiing at Mendenhall Lake. He left them on the ground at the parking area near the bathrooms at Skaters. I went this morning to check for them but they were gone One mitten was fixed with black duct tape. If anyone picked them up please let me or Rick know. Thanks.

Cold temps call for cold wax

Scott is grooming the campground and lake this morning, so expect perfection. I will post an update as soon as I can. With temps dipping into the teens and low 20’s, take a minute to glide wax your skate skis and classic ski glide zones with blue (+14 to +23 degrees) or violet (+18 to +28 degrees) glide wax. Even “waxless” classic skis will need a good glide wax on the tips and tails when it gets cold. Maxiglide on the waxless pattern will also help.