Social distancing- Get out and ski!

Keep a ski length apart, no large groups of skiers, enjoy the spring skiing, and stay healthy! We’re lucky that we have the space to social distance on our trails and in the woods. We’ll keep grooming (Eaglecrest starting 3/21, Montana Creek, Mendenhall Campground) as long as conditions permit and as long as we can keep our groomers safe since they are all sharing grooming equipment. Please refer to CBJ’s Covid-19 website here for updates and recommendations.

SPAM -update on foreign posts

You’ve probably seen some Russian and other SPAM posts on the JNSC website. Weirdly enough these are actual humans that are posting on our website that of course have nothing to do with skiing or Juneau. We were manually deleting them until we instituted a country blocker which is now blocking these posts from the offending countries. We’ll continue to modify security as needed.

Annual dogs on trails etiquette reminder

We are at peak ski season now which means that the thaw will reveal land mines. For dog owners please pick up after your pet whether they are in front or behind you. Poop karma: if you see a land mine pick it up because likely you missed one in the past. Try to keep dogs out of the classic tracks if possible. Your “always friendly” pooch may not be seen as such by the 5 year-old they bound up to; unless your dog never gets rambunctious or hostile to other dogs, they should be on a leash. The Trail Etiquette is under About Us.

Inspiration dust, membership, endowment, trail work, annual potluck

Hey skiers, we are watching the peaks for inspiration dust! Summer lovers call it termination dust but we know better. We are already accepting memberships for the 2019-2020 ski season! Good news, the endowment that we created last season is already off to a great start. We have already raised $20,000 toward our $100,000 goal. Learn more about it and/or donate here. We now have a direct link to the Juneau Community Foundation JNSC Endowment page where you have the option of donating monthly or one-time via credit card or PayPal.

Mark your calendars, December 5th will be the annual potluck and gear swap at Dzantik’l Heeni Middle School 6-8 PM.
Watch for news about trail volunteer opportunities.