A big shout out to the eaglecrest groomers! Lower loop was as good as it gets. Go now while there is time today. The groomers moved the classic track out to make for a great classic and skate setup. The loops in the meadow made for great meadow skiing if you don’t want all the hills. Worth the price of admission!!! Got my season pass today!!!


Snow great on lower loop. Grooming almost perfect BUT put classic track almost in the middle thus crowding skate lane and forcing skater to either trash the classic track or ski in less than optimal space. ALSO grooming in meadow suffered from severe lack of loop logic. Someone was lost I think. Never found a clear path to guy’s loop. It would have been funny except it cost $19 for a day pass!!! Too bad, could have been perfect and worth the cost!!!


Thanks to Dave for overcoming mechanical challenges and grooming both upper and lower loops, finishing just as the team arrived on the lower loop today. So much snow, so much fun, so much care from the EC crew all this snowy week… Trail conditions are good, of course a little soft, classic wax was Swix 45 or 50, lightly applied… and lovely. The scenery is a dream. Way to DANCE!

Lower loop

Nordic recorded line said trail was groomed and excellent but that must have been early this morning as the trail had several inches of new snow by the time I got there at noon. Decent nordic skiing in the skate lane. Lots of snow up there adding to a good base on the lower loop. Didn’t see another person on the trail!