A Pioneer Road Goodbye (until next season)

The ski season for the Pioneer Rd is over. The snow is melting away fast and Enco is plowing the road so they can remove their logs.

Thanks to Tim, Mike, and Hank for coming together at the last minute to remove JNSC equipment from the road before Enco arrived.

If you still are needing some Island Time consider Eaglecrest – especially the upper loop. It is worth the effort to get up there either by your legs or Hooter chair. The skiing is great and the scenery magnificent.

Border to Border committee member

THANKS TO THE CLUB, Eagle Beach state park, Dave/Eaglecrest and all our overtime and amazing groomers for getting all nordic areas in Juneau ready for our Border to Border event. Ski one or ski all and enjoy one another- that’s the hope; another is that you enjoy the provided pickles! Please grab a friend and start at the Pioneer rd at 8, or EC at 930 or campground/lake at noon and we will all meet at Eagle Beach State Park for a 5-7 potluck. This is it! – the only event of it’s kind in the Nation. All highly coveted and participatory B2B bibbs created by the Juneau Nordic Ski Team

Pioneer Rd

Regroomed yesterday afternoon – only the center skate zone – it was good before I started and looked sweet when I left. It probably will not be regroomed over the next few days (it will still be good especially in the middle of the day) as I want to preserve the snow for the Border to Boarder ski next Saturday (1/9).

Have a great weekend of skiing!