Blue Klister for kick zones

A blue (ice) klister worked really well for hardpack at Montana Creek. The tracks are the best of the season. It should work well at the campground too. To make it last longer put a base klister on first. Remember your klister zones are maybe 1-2″ shorter on the heel and 2-4″ shorter on the toe depending on your length of skis. No-wax (scales) worked less well in the tracks but better out of the track.


North Douglas Deer Habitat Destruction Trail

Skied the N. Douglas access road today. Tracks for classic are set well. After 3 falls and a broken pole, my advice under current conditions is you need to know now to stop going down hill. When I got out of the tracks to snow plow, the groomed part in the middle was lumpy from all the dog tracks and melting and snowplowing didn’t work. When I caught and edge, I was over the top of my skis and on the ground. Luckily, the woods are full of spare poles. The last hill down to the gate I walked. That hill would be great for sledding, but you might want to bring some sleeping foam cushions to put against the gate in case you can’t stop your sled in time. Can’t agree with spending all that money for a road to nowhere and destroying square miles of deer habitat – especially when we later traded forest service land here for even more logging on Prince of Wales, but the road is there now, and the skiing is great and will be better with some fresh snow.