Hot news on the cool tracks.
See what’s been groomed, what the snow’s like and where it’s worth heading before you make the long drive.

The trails are set by volunteers and please feel free to contribute to the Juneau Nordic Ski club if you are a user of the trails.

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  1. Nordic Skiers: If you are checking for early season reports. Here is the first one. We are having a brush clearing party on Montana Creek. Starting at 9am on Saturday the 25th.; That’s next weekend!

  2. Montana Creek groomed for Skate this morning. It was frozen there this morning. Firm base with soft grooming on top. Get there now before it gets soft. One more day of grooming left!

  3. The Upper Loop got some new snow Friday AM. It was foggy with off/on mist/snow. The snow was slow and wet in the track but great quiet wilderness skiing. Any chance anyone is going to roll it and track set it? The snow should last for weeks! I saw someone still skiing the Lower Loop and dodging the snow-free spots.

  4. Scott groomed Montana Creek this morning. The track from the gate to the shed is just about gone. The rest of the trail is skiable, and improves the farther up the road you go. He couldn’t set a classic track, but he thought the skate lane was decent.

  5. Montana Creek groomed this morning for Skate and Classic. There is still a lot of snow but the Spruce needles are starting to get a little thick in places. Sunday will be the last day we groom. Get those last days of sea level skiing in before it ends.

  6. Reminder that Eaglecrest is now CLOSED, and nobody will be out grooming again. Lower Loop is pretty much melted out after this weekend, but the Upper still has plenty of snow. If you do go skiing please post your comments, as April can be a great time for touring and sometimes even skate skiing on the Upper Loop and on into the Hilda Valley.

  7. 9 AM: Lower and Upper Loops are set, AND the Upper Loop Access Trail is freshly groomed and has smooth, frozen corduroy. Please use this for uphill access.
    Inner Meadow Loop on the Lower is not groomed, so stay off until is softens. The whole Lower Loop will be better in and hour or two when it softens. The Upper is also frozen hard now, but will be awesome from about 10 or 11 am throughout the afternoon. Last day of grooming– enjoy!

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